Thursday, April 7, 2011

Time to Poop or get off the Pot!

To "clean" up my grandmother's favorite phrase, it is April and teaching contracts will be out any day now.  We have been talking about taking a sabbatical year off from our regular jobs for five years.  Yes, we know it is a mid-life crisis.  Yes, we know the economy has changed dramatically in the past five years.  What seemed totally resonable five years ago seems down right insane today.  Yes, we know.  We're doing it anyway.  We have been running the middle class American marathon for over 15 years and we need a break! 

We have made the pros and cons list.  Both sides are long.  Pro- We get lots of time with the kids. Con- We get lots of time with the kids.  You see how the list goes...  Our lists are like Newton's Third Law: For every Pro there is an opposite and equal Con.  That is why it is time do what Mama Ruby always said (see title of post.)  We need to do it or shut up about it.  I am not signing my teaching contract for next year. 

Oh, God!  Did I just say that?

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  1. Go forth and multiply.
    Woops-wrong phrase and timing.
    Go forth, and make us proud!


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