Sunday, June 19, 2011

First SIG, then Sabbatical

Wyatt at SIG with Emory's mascot- Dooley
First SIG, then Sabbatical!  First SIG, then Sabbatical!  This is my new mantra... this and Focus and Finish!  I am very distracted by other committments which has made me extremely grumpy and not a fun person to be around.  I am trying to tackle one thing at a time to prevent adult onset ADD.  So now do my new mantras make sense?

This sabbatical year is about new adventures and breaking out of the same old routines.  I have never taught summer school much less taught at a summer camp for the gifted.  This is definitely a new regime.

How did I get myself into this you may ask? (Believe me, my husband has asked me that about a thousand times this past week.) It all started innocently enough.  While attending the National Association for the Gifted Children (NAGC) convention in Atlanta this past fall, I met the coordinator for the Summer Institute for the Gifted (SIG).  When I saw they had a camp at Emory University, I was interested in sending our son, Wyatt.  The coordinator suggested that I teach while Wyatt attends to off set the expense of the camp.  Great Idea!  But no way would I give up three+ weeks of the summer if I were starting back to teach the last week of July when pre-planning begins for teachers in Cherokee County.  When we decided to take our sabbatical leap of faith in April, I applied for a teaching position with SIG and registered Wyatt for the camp.  So here we are at orientation.

Classes begin tomorrow.

First SIG, then Sabbatical....


  1. Jenny, I am so proud of you & Greg, in so many ways. I look forward to reading of your adventures and growth along the way!

  2. Thanks, Susy! We need all the support we can get!


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