Thursday, December 22, 2011

Keeping the Kids Busy While Waiting for the Big Guy

We've made gingerbread houses.  Now what?
Two Days before Christmas and all through the house 
The kids shook with excitement the parents could not douse. 

The stockings have been hung and are ready for stuffing
But the kids won't leave Mommy alone and her anger is puffing.

"Get out of the house and do something creative,"
She exclaimed to all a bit too berate -tive.

But she was tired and needed to be baking
and wrapping and cleaning and making.

When what to her wonderful mind appears?
A game to entertain her three little dears.

"Here's a scavenger hunt guaranteed to enthrall
Now dash away, dash away, dash away all!

From the top of the porch to the top of the hall,
Find the 12 signs of Christmas while having a ball.

Bring back some pictures to show you're on board,
The kid who finds the most will get a reward."

And She heard them exclaim as they tore out of sight,
"Let's find all we can! Santa comes tomorrow night!"

If you are looking for something to entertain the kids and give you some space, here's our 12 Signs of Christmas Scavenger Hunt:

(Kids should search with a camera to capture each object with a picture and not mess up your or your neighbor's decorations.  If you have a large number of kids hanging out at your house, I suggest forming teams for the hunt.)

12 Christmas Wreaths
11 Red Bows
10 Wrapped Presents
 9  Santa Clauses
 8  Tiny Reindeer
 7  Snowmen
 6  Christmas Trees
 5  Golden Ornaments
 4  Glittery Stars
 3  Christmas Stockings
 2  Shiny Angels
 1  Nativity Scene

My kids rode around on their bikes for a couple of hours looking for all the items, but kids could find many things inside the house if the weather isn't cooperating.  I hope this occupies their minds and bodies for a while and gives the mommies and daddies some much needed breathing room!

Happy Holidays!

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