Sunday, January 22, 2012

A New Definition for Company

Who wouldn't enjoy a trip to the beach?
Company: (noun)
1.  a business or business entity.
2.  association with another; companions;          
   visitors, guests. 

Though the official definitions do not include slave labor, being thoughtful hosts, we include it in ours because we want our company to feel at home.

At the Fripp House, we welcome visitors of all sizes and shapes to partake in a variety of activities created just for them.

Here are some of our most recent offerings:

Yes, he IS having fun.
Do you smell what we smell?  No, we do not violate the terms of the Geneva Convention.  We do not "torture" our visitors; However, guests must be ready to participate in "simple" home school science experiments.  Here you see the fun in learning that all matter has identifying qualities such as smell. To prove the experiment, a simple blindfold test must be performed...

Speaking of smells...

Watch the claws...

Crab anyone?
Nothing like fresh clams!
Like working for your supper?  Then, come see us!  Guests may fish, shrimp, clam, or crab to help us maintain the high quality standards of fresh meals served in our home.  Yes, clamming is dirty business, but someone's got to do it and I'd prefer it not be me.  After your day of non-stop casting, throwing, digging or hoeing, you're ready to relax by the glow of the gas burner as the Frogmore Stew simmers. We welcome you to do this as soon as you have cleaned the shrimp, fish, crabs, or clams, shucked the corn, and prepared all the vegetables, potatoes and sausage.

Your reward for hard work:
cold beverage and warm glow.

Work like dogs, but eat like kings!

Are you listening closely?

Are you ready to test your knowledge?  If you plan to visit us, you'd better be.  Along with a series of "games" designed to entertain us, I mean... you, guests will be taken on historic tours of nearby Beaufort, Savannah or Charleston.  After each tour, we will subject, I mean... engage you with various questions about your newly gained knowledge.  We have to make sure you're listening.  Why else take the tour? Right?
Quick!  What famous historic Beaufort home is this?
Too Late.  Points will be deducted.
Know what church this is?
What anniversary is it celebrating this year?

Feeling out of shape?  We happily force our guests to participate in many island sports or activities such as:

Golf (you must walk 18 holes; none of this mamby-pamby golf carting around for us!)
Biking (we'll guide you on a gentle tour of the 8 miles of bike paths.)
Tennis (our guests enjoy four man bracket of 5 set matches; winner gets to cart home, losers walk.)
Beach Combing (Our kids enjoy crafting so visitors are encouraged to gather as many shells and flotsam as each can carry.  Bags are provided.)

If this itinerary doesn't fit your idea of a weekend getaway, alternate activities can easily be arranged.  For the gracious guests who arrive with a host or hostess gift (a little wine, a little bubble bath...) or offer to buy a meal during their three night stay (adhering to Ben Franklin's old adage), we offer strolls by the river, swings with a water view, sunset cocktails, and as much music, laughter and general frivolity as you can stand.

Needless to say, we are looking forward to many more visitors to our Fripp home this spring.  (Reservations recommended.)

I hope everyone knows that my tongue was firmly in cheek for this post!
Hope to see you soon!

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