Thursday, April 12, 2012

Feeling Froggy

The Hammerz
I write to keep busy, to stimulate my brain, to communicate with friends and to record our experiences for our children.  Greg plays music for all the same reasons.  He has played in a band for twenty-five years which is to say- longer than I've known him.  Music is who he is, what he does, and how he communicates with others.

My Musicians
As music teacher of our little home school academy, Greg's lessons include guitar tablature, voice harmonies, piano chording and drum beats and fills.  While the girls have shown growth in voice lessons, Wyatt has soared at guitar.  His latest assignment was to learn the opening guitar melody for Pink Floyd's Wish You Were Here.  As his academic teacher, I wish he put as much effort in his writing as he has in learning that song.  All I'm saying is: he could be the next Shakespeare if he worked on writing like he works on guitar.  Greg definitely struck a chord with Wyatt.  They speak a foreign language that I will never understand and that's okay.  The father/son bond was always strong, but now they share a secret that makes both pairs of eyes light up when they're discussing it.  It is extremely awesome to watch.

New Faces, New Friends

Greg has done more than teach music to the kids this year.  He has used his musical talent to make new friends.  For a boy who grew up knowing everyone in town and playing and writing songs with guys he's known for over half his life, that's saying something.  Apparently, you can teach my old dog new tricks.  As a non-musician, I am in awe every time I watch Greg play or sing, but I am speechless witnessing him step out of his comfort zone to meet new people and play new songs.  I mean meeting new people is hard enough without the added element of performing, right?

Jamming at the Foolish Frog

Sometime in early December, I saw a sign that read, Jam Session Tonight, at a fabulous local restaurant, The Foolish Frog, in Frogmore, SC.  I knew Greg was missing playing with other musicians so I suggested we go check it out.  As we walked up under a tree tunnel of live oaks and spanish moss, we heard the sweet twang of a banjo blending with the strum of a guitar coming from the marsh deck.  We rounded the deck wall just as someone started singing, Friend of the Devil.  Pulling out his guitar, Greg jumped in and hung on.  Mr. Darling would have been proud.  From that night on, if you're looking for us on Tuesday nights, you'll find us at the Frog.

Frogmo' Fo at Nippy's

While continuing to record a new album with The Hammerz, Greg's new acquaintances at the Frog have led to gigs with new bands.  He is now a member of the Frogmo' Fo which was initially three members and has grown to six; I have no idea were the "Fo" came from... I'm thinking someone only counts beats.  With Greg on drums, Kirk Dempsey on guitar and vocals, Adam Granade on bass, Tom Davis on guitar, Tim Devine on guitar, and Steve Johnson on trumpet, the band's next show is May 11th at Nippy's in Downtown Beaufort.  Between practices at the Dempsey Farm's Juke Joint (Kirk and Elaine's garage) and the actual performance, there will be many nights of entertainment to be had by all!

What a Smile!

New Groupie Girls
I believe life is sweeter with a soundtrack (I even created a special playlist for this year) and I've been fortunate to have an in-house musician to play our background music for almost 23 years.  Who needs an iPod with Greg and the kids around?  The icing on the cake is the new friends we've made thanks to that music.  I have new groupie girls to hang with, new playmates for the kids and new shoulders to lean on in times of trouble.  No worries...

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