Sunday, September 9, 2012

Funny You Should Ask...

A Beautiful Memory on Loch Ness
Recently, I ran into an old friend while waiting on a prescription at Walgreen's.  I hadn't seen her in years.  She moved to Florida after college and we lost touch.  Casually catching up with each other, I discovered she went on to receive her MBA and worked in sales for many years before choosing to stay at home with her two children.  I asked her if she missed the business world and she replied, "I miss the traveling.  I miss the excitement of waking up some place new and planning my day around places I wanted to see.  You just can't do that with kids.  Do you like to travel?"

"Funny, you should ask..."  and then I told her of our travel year that seems like a dream as we again run from school to dance to baseball.  And like a dream, I find myself searching my mind to retrieve specific images as I try to remember each place we visited.  I realize as I play this memory game there are many people and places that I never got around to sharing on this blog.  Many of the things that happened to us I am only just beginning to process.  (Confession time- I am working on writing a book about our adventures.  Turns out it helps the writing process greatly if you can vividly remember what happened. Who knew?)

So to aid the writing and memory process, I will be sharing some yet undisclosed anecdotes from our family field trip year and my thoughts on the transformative power one year can hold.  Writing process aside- like my friend said, "I miss the traveling."  For now, I'll have to settle for a trip down memory lane.

Stay tuned...

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