Friday, November 30, 2012

Life Break Coach- Midlife Crisis Option 1

I could have an affair with one of the many men beating down my door. What man wouldn’t want an overweight, middle-aged, mother of three?  Unfortunately, this would inevitably lead to divorce, family upheaval, and dating (Gasp!) again.  A few of my friends have made this choice in the throes of mid-life. They succeeded in changing their lives, but at a high price.  Their families were ripped apart and hearts were broken.  In addition to the emotional expense, years of marital financial planning ended with substantial funds lost to lawyers, new living expenses and early withdrawal penalty fees.  I guess this seems a small price to pay to the hopeless and unloved. Personally, I would rather spend the money on a long vacation. 

Even if I looked like Diane Lane and Oliver Martinez was trying to seduce me into following him to the back room of a restaurant to have a wild, passionate tête-à-tête, I wouldn't be unfaithful to my husband.  After twenty-two years of marriage and three kids, I was still madly in love (if not always in like) with Greg; I was just too tired to demonstrate it. The only thing I fantasized about was baking bread. (I know. My husband is a lucky man.)  While running through the mall to pick up another birthday present, I stopped in Williams-Sonoma and gravitated to a book on bread baking.  Thumbing the pages, I felt consumed with envy.  I was jealous of the author having the time to grow and feed a starter, work the dough, wait for the rise, and then, bake the bread. I put down the book with a sigh and glanced at my cellphone’s clock- Yep, late again. Something was really wrong when a person didn’t have time to dream.  How could I possibly have time for an affair?

What is Option #2?

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