Thursday, August 22, 2013

Reasons to Homeschool for (at least) One Year

My Two Cents
If you've read my blog, you know my husband and I quit our jobs and took our kids out of public education to homeschool and travel for one year.  Would we have liked to live this fantasy life longer? Of Course!  But life goes on... We must feed and clothe the children, as well as, educate them so back home we went- back to jobs, back to school, back to reality.

As our reality progressed, I realized we continue to reap the benefits of our one-year homeschool experience with our kids.  Our family's dynamics changed forever from that year of constant companionship.  Although our kids are back to the grindstone of public education and we experience the frustration of putting our kids development in the hands of others, I know we created a bond with them that will enrich our relationships for the rest of our lives.

Many parents have spoken with me about our experience.  The homeschool parents are interested in our travel curriculum, but can't believe I only home schooled for a year. (Their manners dictate they thinly veil their horror of us returning our kids to public school so they aren't rude- just a bit incredulous.)  Other parents are envious of our time off from work- wishing they had the funds to enable their family to take a year off with their kids.  I understand both points of view.  To the homeschool parents I say, "We wish we could continue, but we have to feed the kids."  To the public school parents I say, "We sacrificed a lot to enable our one year family sabbatical, but it was worth it."

Both sides ask me, "What's the point of home schooling for only one year?"  

The answer to this question is my platform for societal reform (Yes, I believe some parents need a wake-up call!)  I want to share with the world how our home school travels have shaped our family life.  

Stay tuned to read about reasons to homeschool for only one year.  Perhaps, your family life could benefit, too. 


  1. Jennifer, I'm anticipating to learn more about your one year of homeschooling and traveling experience. I'm looking at this 100 percent optimistically. If I had children, I know in my heart that if I had the opportunity to travel with and homeschool them for a year, I would do it. I'm sure this adventure into the unknown enabled you to establish an even greater bond with you and your kids; one that most would admire. We only live once and with experience, we gain knowledge. More power to you!

  2. Awesome idea! Love your blog!


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