Tuesday, July 12, 2011

Wyatt's World at SIG

Hi!  Wyatt here...

This summer I went to a three week camp at Emory University.  I took 5 different classes there.

My first period was spying. It was so fun! I learned how to fool a lie detector and went on a big mission all around campus.

My second period was self defense. It was taught by Matthew Schwab and he is a real judo teacher. He has a judo school thingy in Midtown. We learned different throws and pins. It was so cool!

Third period was gaming. It is taught by Mrs. Brooks (a.k.a. My Mom). We did lots of games such as.....
parkour, mancala, chess, quiddich for muggles ( I was the seeker - see pic), scratch game making thing(bet you don't know what that is.) and senet. It was one of my favorite classes.

I caught the snitch in Quidditch for Muggles!
Then, lunch ... lunch lunch lunch. On most days we go to the DUC(Dobbs Univevsity Center) which is a buffet with things like a salad bar, sandwitch making spot, and ice cream!! On Wednesdays, however, we go to Cox Hall where they serve chick fil a, pizza hut, dooley's( buffulo wings and burgers), a mexican place, sushi, smoothies, and krispie kreme donuts.

Well then my fourth period was fencing. It was fun. We learned different moves like an advance, a retreat, a lunge, an advance lunge, a bolestra and other stuff. It was so fun. I got second place in the final tornament and there were 14 year olds! (I'm only 10.)

My 5th class was going to court. We learned stuff about court and we did a trial where the crime was someone in our class kidnapped Justin Bieber!!!! HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA!!!!!!!!

After classes we did rec hour. It is basicly recess. We would pick out an activity to do like basketball, field and lounge. Then after that commuters go home. It was really fun.

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