Monday, September 26, 2011

Leaving Williamsburg

Our last morning in Colonial Williamsburg was spent doing what most tourists do first:  visit the Visitor’s Center.  Our hotel, Williamsburg Woodlands, was located directly beside the visitor’s center so we, of course, ignored it till the last day.  (Unfortunately, I have a habit of not seeing the sites closest to me.  It’s like locals never going to the famous landmarks in your own town.  I don’t know why this is, but it is true.) This time, I was glad we waited.  They show the oldest continuously running film called “Williamsburg - The Story of a Patriot” which premiered in 1957 starring Jack Lord (Yes, the guy from Hawaii 5-O.  Talk about stepping back in time… check out the clip of Jack Lord with a pony tail.)  
Watching Felicity in our room

The film was a great history lesson, but would have made little sense to our kids if we hadn’t already visited most of the sights in the film and heard many of the stories from the movie.  As it was, we all loved spotting the places we sat in the capitol building or where we ate in the town.  (Of course, we preferred spotting places in the American Girl movie, Felicity.  If you'd like to watch Felicity, Click Below:)

The Visitor’s Center also contains a huge bookstore and gift shop for all your colonial needs (I know you have many.)  If you missed anything in the market place in town, you can get it here.

Any one need a trihorn hat and musket?

Slates, Chalk, Cards?

Overall, we loved our visit to Colonial Williamsburg!  What a fantastic history lesson for the entire family!

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