Friday, September 23, 2011

A Wet Welcome to Jamestown

No matter what age, time period, or place, you can always talk about the weather.  Mother Nature treated us to a deluge of the wet stuff and a tornado warning just south of Jamestown.   Luckily, there's not that much to see outside. (Just the recreated Powhatan village and the excavation of the original fort possibly built by John Smith.) They have a wonderful museum about the original Jamestown Settlement, but it was raining too hard to even face the walk from the parking lot to the door.  We chose to take the driving tour instead. (Hey, we were tired.  Our drive from Fripp had taken us over 8 hours!  Yea, we know it took the colonists over 2 months on a small ship crossing the Atlantic, but they could stand and walk around when they wanted so it's not really the same thing.  Don't judge us.)

Gorgeous WET Virginia 
There is a lovely road called the Colonial parkway that encircles the historic triangle cities of Jamestown, Yorktown and Williamsburg.  We drove and read from our history book and discussed how beautiful the Jamestown Island and isthmus are.  The rain did not do it justice.  We played our pretend game and tried to imagine we were Powhatan indians and saw the English ship sailing up the James River for the first time.  How unbelievable that would have been! We read about The Virginia Company's difficult times and how they almost didn't make it.

Greg took a wrong turn (at my direction) and we ended up on a private tour bus driveway, but we got a great illicit picture of the kids with Pocahontas's official historical marker.  Anabel was not happy, but she posed for the picture anyway.  Thanks, Kids!

If you're interested in the official history of the first English colony in the Americas (Jamestown founded 1607), check out the Jamestown Settlement website.

As for us we're headed to the dry hotel in Williamsburg...

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