Wednesday, October 31, 2012

Halloween Revisited

Children: Beware!
This is what too much candy does to your body.
Last All Hallow's Eve, the kids were forlorn.  No neighborhood to trick or treat.  No friends running up to argue who had the most candy.  They only had sixty-something retirees living the good life on Fripp Island.  Very scary prospects for the only kids on the island.

Our close neighbors went out of their way to supply the children with special treats for this quiet Halloween.  Anabel, Wyatt and Emma loved this uncommon treatment, but unfortunately, individual loot buckets filled with personalized treats just didn't have enough thrills to please our imitation-blood thirsty kids, so we hopped on the golf cart to hit other homes on the island.  After only two stops, our kids had plastered grins on their faces and microwave popcorn and Jello pudding cups in their treat bags from the surprised residents of the unlucky homes where our trick or treaters knocked.  Watching island residents raid their pantries for our polite children was not how we had hoped to spend our first Halloween away from home.  Greg floored the pedal and slung the golf cart around saying, "This is ridiculous!  We've got to find our own &*%^# Halloween somewhere!"

Then, I remembered our adopted hometown of Beaufort, South Carolina and its real-life  haunted houses.  For the kids' sakes, we stepped out of our comfort zone (having only ever trick or treated the houses in our own neighborhood before) and resurrected our dead evening into one of the best Halloween's ever!

To read more of our ghoulish night, check out my post from a year ago:  Beaufort Tricks or Treats. 

This year, we'll try to conjure the Beaufort spirit for some frights in Hickory Flat.  Ghosts are a scarcity in a neighborhood less than six years old. Without a haunted house in sight, we'll just have to take turns scaring each other. 

Happy Halloween!

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