Wednesday, November 2, 2011

Tricks or Treats

“Best Halloween Ever!” exclaimed Wyatt on the morning of November 1st.  I was so relieved to hear those words.  
Every parent wants their kids to have happy memories and positive experiences in their lives, especially for holidays. As a room mom, I have spent many an hour preparing special arts and crafts activities and preparing for Halloween from stuffing treat bags to painting faces.  I am sure many Moms can relate.  So I was feeling a little guilty about our first holiday on sabbatical and away from our normal traditions and routines.  No Halloween party this year to kill myself planning and prepping. No decorating the house for trick or treaters.  No school treats to bake or buy.  No group arts and crafts to plan.  Sweet deal for this tired Mom, but our kids started thinking there would be no sweets for them at all.
Fripp Island is a great family vacation spot, but there are only 5 children residents.  Still, we thought it would be fun to go around the island trick or treating on the golf cart. One house said we were the first they had ever had on the island and quickly, scrambled to find the kids microwave popcorn and jello cups.  Very nice, but not exactly the candy haul the kids were used to.   Luckily, we have two sets of fabulous retiree neighbors that prepared special treat bags and pails for the kids.  Thanks again, Steve and Mary and Patti and Buck!  You are very thoughtful neighbors! just wasn’t a lot of fun like trick or treating in Carmichael Farms with our neighborhood party, costume contest, hayride and all the kids walking from house to house together.  Then, we had a great idea!  What if we go trick or treat all the haunted houses we passed on our Ghost Tour of Beaufort?  Wouldn’t it be so cool to trick or treat a real haunted house!

It was more than cool; It was AWESOME!  Beaufort folk KNOW how to do Halloween right!  Houses were tricked out with spooky surprises and their owners, in full costume, sat on their porches and welcomed each child, commenting on costumes and dropping haunting references.  Greg and I were very proud to hear several homeowners complimenting our kids for their good manners as any parent would be.

We walked the haunted streets of Beaufort as a local and loved it!  Thanks for making us feel at home Beaufort!  And thanks for a very happy Halloween!

Dead Men Tell No Tales.

One Home in Historic Beaufort Ready for Halloween

Right after I took this picture, the house ate the car!


  1. What an awesome place to Trick or Treat! You know this might replace Carmichael Farms from now on.

  2. Wish we were there this year!

    We'll be back, Beaufort! Hold down the fort while we're gone!


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