Sunday, November 27, 2011

A Beachy Thanksgiving

This is not a food blog, but I have to share the success of our first ever solo family prepared Thanksgiving meal.  Back in Georgia, we have always shared Thanksgiving with our extended family in a potluck fashion.  The phone calls would begin the week before.  "What are you making for Thanksgiving?" "I'll do the turkey."  "I'm making the pecan pie." etc...

After returning to Fripp and getting all our travel gear put away, Greg and I began our planning.  Envisioning a simple, relaxing meal as opposed to the traditional extravaganza of turkey, ham, and 15 side dishes not to mention the 6 different dessert choices our family usually pulls together, we wrote down the essentials (turkey, dressing, green beans, potatoes) and then asked the kids what were their must haves.  Suddenly, our list was up to a meat and 9 sides for us to prepare on our own from scratch!  But it's Thanksgiving and I am a sucker for tradition so...

Thanks to work being done on our home, we couldn't start preparing our incredible meal until early Thanksgiving morning.  With the Macy's Parade playing in the background, we cooked.  Everything was made from scratch with the exception of the little rolls that Wyatt loves and the Picsweet frozen cream corn (because I was too tired to shuck!)  No one was coming for dinner which meant we had no time agenda (luxury on any holiday.)  The day was filled with cooking and more cooking and when everything was ready, we ate.

Here's a photo journal of our meal:

Greg has deep frying a turkey down to a science (3 minutes and 20 seconds per pound, people!)

Fried Perfection!
Mama Ruby's Dressing

Sweet Potato Casserole with pecans and marshmallows
because we couldn't it is the only way!

Chicken stock gravy
(Yes, we made our own stock to use in the dressing and gravy.)
The perfect plate
Anabel and Emma's Buttermilk Pies (plain and with coconut)

Happy kids with an ocean view!

A (long) walk on the beach is the only way to end the day after the meal we had.  Of course, the kids stayed home and worked theirs off on the Wii.

Hope y'all had a fantastic Thanksgiving, too!

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