Thursday, November 3, 2011

Traveling with a Dog is for the Birds (play song while reading post)

As I write this post, our dog, Ginger, is curled up on the console between the two front seats insisting on putting her head in my lap/laptop.  Everything, including writing, is a little more difficult when traveling with a dog.  
Here’s our top ten reasons NOT to bring a dog on your travels:

10.  While in the car, you have to make room for the dog in already awkwardly tight spaces. 
9.    You have to stop twice as much to walk the dog.  
8.    You have kids fighting for the dog to sit with them.
7.    You can’t “Name Your Own Price” on Priceline because you can’t be sure the hotel you get is “Pet Friendly.”  
6.    You have to pay a very high nonrefundable pet fee to stay in nice hotel or stay in a less nice “motel” like in 
        Pensacola, Florida.  
5.    You have to wake up early and get dressed to walk the dog.  
4.    When staying in a city, you have to walk around further to find just the right spot for a country dog to do their                     
3. You must always carry “poop” bags.
2.     You must have awkward conversations with strangers while your dogs smell each other’s bottoms.
and the Number One reason NOT to bring a dog on your travels....
Three words: POOP, POOP, POOP
Let’s face it:  There’s only one reason to bring your dog on your travels and it’s the reason you have a dog in the first place:
Unconditional love no matter where in the world you are!  
So, if you are bringing Fido along, here are some things we learned traveling with Ginger on this trip:
  • La Quinta Hotels allow any size dog and many other types of pets at no additional charge.  However, all La Quintas are not created equally.  The one in Pensacola was a motel with rooms opening to the outside which is little less than desirable for a family.  The hotel lobby smelled  so I passed on visiting the free breakfast.  Conversely, the La Quinta in New Orleans was an extremely clean hotel with valet parking in a safe, family friendly area and a very nice staff. We booked the AAA rate and for $89/night we got a spacious room that included a great buffet breakfast and a wonderful location within walking distance of all the fun stuff in the French Quarter and near the River.

  • Rest Areas are your friend.  Stop at each for potty breaks and leg stretches so the dog will be calmer in the car.

  • Comfort harnesses are a must for walking your dog safely and humanely in a city.  No strangled or accidentally liberated dogs on a harness’s watch!

  • Lastly, invest in some extra toys or treats for your dog so you can sightsee and eat dog-free.  A happy dog in the hotel room makes for a happy family at dinner.

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  1. Have you asked Ginger how she feels about all this?

    How much is that doggie in the window?"-probably too old for you. What about Elvis' Hound Dog?


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