Saturday, February 18, 2012

Best Laid Plans

On the day we were heading to San Francisco, I woke early singing, Lights, in my head... “When the lights go down in the City and the sun shines on the Bay, OH, I want to be there in my city...” You don’t have to imagine my voice (Click the link above and enjoy); the point is I was feeling great, excited to be returning to that beautiful town.  We were leaving Monterey early in order to have two full days to see the bay city.  
Unfortunately, our youngest was singing a different tune.  Tummy troubles.  
Checked in and Checked OUT
Being sick is never fun, but while traveling it’s the worst.  Luckily, she was feeling better after a little time and toast.  With a small tweak in our plans, we were able to check into our hotel early and tuck her in bed for more rest and recuperation.  Traveling always has its unexpected surprises; you just have to deal with them when they come as best you can.  She requested pizza for lunch which we didn’t let her have, but took as a good sign.  Children rebound so fast.
No name, no sign... just great bread
That evening, with the kids having an early dinner and watching a movie in the room, Greg and I ventured to Tartine Bakery to see if my bread (See my earlier post) was close to the real thing.  The Tartine Bakery is famous for its incredible country bread, but because the owner likes to enjoy life along with his bread, they only bake once a day, ready for purchase at 5 pm Tuesday-Sunday.  Since we arrived on a Sunday and were leaving San Francisco at noon on Tuesday, this was our chance.  The only sign you are near the unmarked bakery is the line of hopeful people stretching around the corner.  The bread usually sells out within an hour... That’s how good it is.  Our friend, Jackie, got there early and scored two loaves.  Ignoring the raindrops beginning to fall, I pulled off a  still warm chunk from my loaf.  Delicious... crunchy and chewy.  The verdict:  mine was pretty darn close.
Bread Beauty
Next, we enjoyed an early dinner, catching up with Jackie at Water Bar near the Bay Bridge close to our hotel.  Thanks again, Jackie, for a wonderful evening!
Oysters for starters...
Greg's entree at Water Bar

Jackie's entree
When we returned to our room, the kids were showered and already in bed, resting up for tomorrow's big sightseeing day in San Francisco.

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