Monday, February 13, 2012

Warner Brothers Studio Tour

"What's up, Doc?"  Being married to a classic cartoon connoisseur has its prices.  Luckily, the VIP tour of Warner Brothers Studios was worth every penny.  Riding around this extremely active and productive film/television studio in a private golf cart, we felt like very important persons, indeed, having fun, getting some sun, and learning about the history of the movie industry at the same time.  With our tour guide being a Georgia native, we really got an insider's look at one of Hollywood's biggest and oldest studios.
Local Boy Tour Guide

Trying to be cool in a golf cart...
The kids couldn't wipe the smiles off their faces as they recognized TV show and movie locations.

Anabel sat on the Geller house steps from the Friends' prom episode.  

Even the Batmobile needs an oil change.
Wyatt checked out the multiple Bat mobiles including the latest and most bizarre looking one in Batman Begins.  

Contrary to popular belief, actresses DO eat.
Though never having seen the show, Subergatory, Emma was completely star struck when we drove pass one of the series stars, Jane Levy (Tessa), eating a banana.

Along with all these pop culture sitings, we learned how the Warner Brothers' first talkie changed everything in entertainment when they released The Jazz Singer in 1927.  Warner Brothers also took cartoons to new heights with Chuck Jones, Mel Blank and their creation, Bugs Bunny.

Our 3 hour privately guided tour  took us inside the sound stage of Heart of Dixie, by the offices of Conan O'Brien and Ellen, into the props house with its thousands of items (our guide even took our picture sitting on the Friends' set couch), and into the Warner Brothers' Museum.  Here, they have a priceless collection of Hollywood memorabilia with an entire floor dedicated to the studio's greatest box office hits: the eight films in the Harry Potter series.  We all got sorted into our houses with the girls in Gryffindor, Greg and Wyatt in Hufflepuff and yes, me, in Slytherin.  I think, like Snape, I was sorted too soon.  Alas, no photography was allowed to capture this sad event.  I'll just have to rely on my pensieve (this blog) to reflect and remember.

After the tour, we celebrated the movies with our first trip to In and Out Burger.  Simply Delicious!  Then, we headed northwest to Monterey, riding into the sunset...

If you're in LA, take the Warner Brothers VIP tour; It could be the start of a beautiful friendship or at least a beautiful day.

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