Friday, February 3, 2012

Brooks Bread... Coming Soon to a Town Near You

My Sabbatical Goals:

1. Spend more time with family. (Check)
2. Home school the children.  (Check)
3. Travel and Write.  (Check)
4. Learn how to bake bread. (Check!)
5. Find a new career.  (Possibly... Baker?)

Thanks to the Tartine Bakery Cookbook Greg got me for my birthday, I can check number four off my list.  I actually grew my own starter, made my own leaven, mixed my own dough, fermented and kneaded the dough, and finally, baked my own delicious crusty country bread.

My Starter

My Floating Leaven
Fermenting the Dough
Kneaded Loaves
Final Rise Before Baking
Ready to Bake
Bread Success! (Yes, I really baked this bread!)
Though far from perfect, after one crunch of the bread in my mouth, I said, "Kids, you're momma's a dadgum bread baker!"

They replied, "Ownurch Radnech Grounch."

"Please don't talk with your mouths full."

With two loaves and fresh butter to eat that was the end of the conversation.
Let's Eat!

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