Monday, December 24, 2012

Christmas Visions

While children have visions of sugarplums dancing in their heads on Christmas Eve, mothers have visions of children's faces lighting up as they open their long-wanted gifts, or visions of smiles erupting into laughter as the kids attempt to create the perfect gingerbread houses, which collapse from the weight of the gum drops (oh, well, more to eat) or visions of loved ones singing carols and eating and drinking good food with good cheer.

Those visions are what keep us moms going... through the crowds, through the flu, through the bills, through the mess, through the tears.  Christmas visions of happy children and a loving family always keep us going.

After the flu, we finally made it to see Santa
On this Christmas Eve, if you're tired from shopping and cooking or haven't recovered from the flu (like me) REMEMBER: if it takes a little imagination to embellish your reality - so be it.  Use it.  It's a gift from God, too.  Keep the happy visions.  Remember the smiles and forget the tears.  and always Love All. 

(I always want to look like this at Christmas so
I'm pretending as my present this year.)
I end with one of my favorite Christmas poems by Roald Dahl... I hope it brings you a smile:

Where art thou, Mother Christmas?

Where are thou, Mother Christmas?
I only wish I knew
Why Father should get all the praise
And no-one mentions you.

I'll bet you buy the presents
And wrap them large and small
While all the time that rotten swine
Pretends he's done it all.

So Hail to Mother Christmas
Who shoulders all the work
And down with Father Christmas
That unmitigated jerk.

- Roald Dahl


  1. Well done, and Merry Christmas to you & yours

  2. Oh, that is a good one close with. I hope you and yours had a wonderful holiday. You're self portrait is who we all way to resemble - perky and still going strong like the ever ready battery.


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