Wednesday, January 2, 2013

Pelican Plunge Redux

The 5th Annual New Year's Day Pelican Plunge marked two members of the Brooks Family going off the deep end... literally.  Wyatt, age 11, joined his insane dad, age old enough to know better, in plunging into the fifty degree Atlantic waters as a symbolic way to ring in the new year.  Last January first saw Greg celebrating our sabbatical year with a groovy group of like-minded folks dunking themselves for fun and fundraising for the South Carolina parks system. This year, my guys and about 300 other nuts brave individuals did their part for silliness and charity.  And I thought I was proud last year! (See my New Year's Pride post from last year.)

Pre- Plunge
The Brooks girls were not as stupid courageous as our men.  When asked if they wanted to do it, the answer, in stereo, was a resounding no.   Honestly, we didn't think Emma was even coming along to watch.  As Greg and Wyatt dug out their bathing suits, Emma sauntered through saying, "Can I stay home?  I'm just not in the mood to watch people run into cold water."  My question: When is anyone EVER in the MOOD to watch people run into cold water?  Regardless, we all piled in the minivan and headed to Hunting Island for the one o'clock event.

As the onlookers lined the beach, the swimmers counted down. Wyatt and Greg were front and center and prepared to go all the way under the water.  Greg warned Wyatt that some participants wimp out by only going in knee deep, but the Brooks' men would go in whole hog-meaning a complete, full body dunk.  Wyatt agreed... it was all or nothing.  I videoed as they ran, but soon lost my men in the mob.

I scanned the shore searching for them amid the splashing and shrieking, and suddenly, Wyatt emerged victorious:

Super (Cold) Wyatt
Greg, being a repeat offender, stayed in the water and swam around a bit longer, but joined in Wyatt's victory lap (searching for Anabel and Emma with the towels) a couple of minutes later.

My Fellows: Post-Plunge

As we drove away, I commented since one Brooks took the leap last year, and two plunged this year, there must be three Pelican Plungers for next year.  Looking at the girls, I asked, "So who is going next year?"

Without missing a beat, Wyatt said, "Daddy, Anabel and Emma.  I'm never doing that again!"  As with everything, time will tell...  He seemed to recover quite well in the hot tub:

We hope all have a Happy New Year 2013!

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  1. The Pelican Plunge sounds so fun. Have a wonderful 2013 with your family!


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