Saturday, October 1, 2011

Budgeting for Boston

This kind of view ain't cheap!

Again, we used Priceline to book our hotel for Boston.  Unfortunately, we did not have as good luck as we did in Philadelphia.  We scored a great hotel, the Boston Hyatt Regency in the Financial District, but at $160/night plus tax and parking.  The location was fantastic and the hotel staff was extremely nice and helpful.  The worse thing about the hotel was that there were no freebies: no Internet access, no breakfast buffet, no cocktails, etc.

The Old Town Trolley tours were $42 for adults and $16 for kids, but worth every penny.  If you purchase online, you can save $4.50 per ticket.

Dinner was pricey at the Union Oyster House with entrees running around $28.  Chinatown was very reasonable with our meal at The Best Little Restaurant for two coming in at $42 and that’s with lobster.  The Boston Barkers (foot long hotdogs) were $6 each and the gourmet deli dinner for the kids cost $22.

One of the problems with traveling is that there are always unforeseen expenses no matter how much you plan.  Our unforeseen expenses for Boston were two new batteries for the Excursion.  Special thanks to Steven with AAA for all his help!  I highly recommend having some type of motor club coverage for any road trip.  It certainly helped keep the panic out of having a dead battery.  Greg called AAA and they sent someone over very quickly.  We even got to wait in our room until they called when they were 5 minutes away.  That's service!

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