Saturday, October 15, 2011

Port Royal Pirate Festival

Everyone knows fall is festival time and we made it back home in time to enjoy a local favorite: The Pirate Festival.  The Barrier Islands of coastal Georgia and South Carolina were once teaming with pirates from Blackbeard to Captain Morgan of Spiced Rum fame.  Rumors still abound about Blackbeard's buried treasure still hidden somewhere on one of the barrier islands.  Our island is named for a privateer, Captain John Fripp.  Privateers were basically pirates with permission.  As long as you stole only from the enemy (aka The Spanish), you could rob and pillage to your heart's content.  Pretty sweet deal!

While I didn't witness any looting, The Pirate Festival, held right on the water in beautiful Port Royal, SC, brought out many pirate wannabes. I could almost hear Jimmy Buffett singing in the background, "Yes, I am a pirate; two hundred years too late. The cannons don't thunder; There's nothing to plunder; I'm an over forty victim of fate.  Arriving too late."

Enough with adults in costume.

The festival food was some of the best I've ever had with many stands to choose from; such as: Sea Island Market had fresh fish, shrimp and gator bites; Bricks' Restaurant served excellent South Carolina BBQ and burgers;  and Berry Island Cafe had fresh deli sandwiches and homemade ice cream.  There were also shaved ice, a taco stand, beer and wine and a wicked Pirate's Punch.  We enjoyed all the food, but, as at most festivals, the music and people watching were the highlights.

The local band, The Accomplices, played a nice Americana/blue grassy mix.  Greg supported their effort with a purchase of their new CD.

The most unusual, and coincidentally, the kids' favorite, was the free petting zoo.  What's so unusual about a petting zoo, you say?  Well, how many petting zoos have you been to with parrots, cockatoos, puppies, and SNAKES?  The other pleasantly strange thing about the zoo?  If you leave your car keys with the owner, you can walk around the festival with a parrot or a snake on your shoulder.  See, I told you it was unusual.

Less unusual, but still fun, were the classic cars on display.  We thought of Uncle Shannon as we looked at all the cool cars.  He would have loved the Cobra especially.  Greg's favorite was the Rolls Royce complete with a jar of Grey Poupon. (The chef in Greg always comes out at the strangest moments.)

Emma and Anabel's favorite car was the tricked out golf cart made to look like a pirate ship.  They have big plans for ours now!  Good luck, Girls!

All in all, the Pirate Festival was a perfect way to spend a beautiful fall Saturday!  Thanks for the fun, Port Royal!

If you have a chance this weekend, take my advice and go visit your local fall festival.  Let me know if you see anything unusual...

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