Friday, October 7, 2011

Road School

I'm thinking about pitching a new series to TLC or Discovery Network called Road School.  We take turns driving and teaching the kids as we travel the USA!  What do you think?  Would you watch as Greg navigates his way around ten eighteen wheelers (narrowly missing a baby carriage) while I discuss the finer points of the Declaration of Independence?  I'm just saying...  could be as good as Ice Road Truckers, right?

What's a baby carriage doing on I95?
LAPs are great!

If you have been wondering how we are teaching the kids while traveling, wonder no more.  I call them: Learning Activity Packets or LAPs because the kids work them in their laps.  I made ten packets; one for each road travel day.  I included critical thinking skills, grammar, math, reading and some science and social studies.  Most of their science and social studies took place at the actual places: Independence Hall, Philadelphia, Boston Harbor, Franklin Institute, Champlain's statue in Quebec, etc.  We took advantage of any and every hands-on experience we could.
Working in parking lot hence seatbelt unfastened.
Hands-on problem solving and inventive thinking

Then, there were the lessons I didn't plan like how (or how not) to smuggle goods into Canada or how to use a GPS when you just missed the turn you should have taken or how great it is to be a citizen of the USA.

Life lessons learned... on the road.  Hey!  That could be our catch phrase! I can almost hear Mike Rowe's voiceover right now!

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