Monday, October 3, 2011

Road Weary Change of Plans

For Gregory's Sake or

Our original itinerary had us visiting Prince Edward Island for three days.  Being a huge Anne of Green Gables fan, I was so excited to see the land of Lucy Maude Montgomery! 

However, after speaking with several owners of homes via VRBO, we realize we have missed the main season of PEI with most of the homes and events closing up for the winter.  It would be a 9 hour trip from Bar Harbor to PEI and then a 12 hour trip from PEI to Quebec City…  maybe later.

to Save the Seals... we changed our plans.
After falling in love with Boston and Maine, we have decided to return to this part of the U.S. and then make the trip to Prince Edward to see it all its prime.  So we will make the trip sometime tomorrow…after all, “tomorrow is always fresh with no mistakes in it.”  YET...

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