Thursday, October 27, 2011

Fall Photo Scavenger Hunt

I took this photo on our second hunt!
Tired of the kids under your feet? Are they always on the computer/video game/television and not outside? Do you just need a little time alone? Send the kids outside for a fun, fall photo scavenger hunt!

Whether on foot or on bike, here's a list of ideas to send them searching to capture on a digital camera:

corn stalks
spider webs
red leaves
yellow leaves
brown leaves

To make the hunt a little more challenging (and take longer!), adjust the number of each item, like find 3 pumpkins, 6 jack-o-lanterns or 3 skeletons, according to your area's fall treasures.

 I recently sent my three kids on a Fall Hunt and required that they get at least one of them in each picture. That way, they not only took turns with the camera, but I got some pretty funny pictures of my kids, not just random fall pics.

I'll admit, my kids left grumbling about having to go outside, etc., but they returned excited to show me all their great photos. They even wanted me to create a second hunt!

I got to read for 45 uninterrupted minutes and they got fresh air and a sense of communal accomplishment.  They also learned what mums, pansies and gourds were, as well as, noticing how our island was decorated for fall.  It was definitely a win/win/win activity!

I'd love to see the fruits of your labor! Send me your favorite kid pics from their hunts and I'll post them on my blog!

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