Monday, August 29, 2011

The Brooks Academy - a most exclusive private school

Our Main Building

Our admission policy is very strict: you must be our biological child to enter Brooks Academy, but we will consider out of state transfers if your test scores and GPA measure up to our high standards. Transfer admission is only good for weekend classes so apply accordingly.


We have been working hard since moving into our temporary home.  Thus far, our curriculum has been based on finishing current novels, working on math standards for each grade level, letter writing, cursive handwriting and typing skills, Latin and Greek roots' vocabulary, life science on the island: plants, animals, insects, etc., and the exploration and colonial periods of America.  We've been busy.  The kids have found many leaf samples to identify and are creating a slideshow presentation of the plant life on Fripp.  As they finish their books, they will complete a blogging book report.  They are adding to their vocabulary dictionaries each day finding derivatives for Latin and Greek root words. We are just beginning our study of colonial America in preparation for our first big trip up the east coast.

guest student housing

Full Time Student Dormitory

We have one main dorm room suite that sleeps 6.  Weekend transfer students will have access to the exclusive guest suite located on the first floor.  Our outdoor classrooms allow for overload accommodations.


The Brooks Academy is proud to serve the five star Zagnut rated cuisine of Chef Greg a.k.a. Daddy.  Sample menus include Low Country Boil, Shrimp and Grits, Grilled Fish, Steak, Chicken, etc. (Chef Greg really likes to grill.)  Sous Chef/Hostess Jenny a.k.a. Mommy tries to make all students feel right at home.


Swimming, fishing, crabbing, clamming, tennis, golf, hiking, kayaking, sunbathing, sand castle building, biking, surfing, knitting, sleeping, walking, sliding, swinging, playing, bird-watching, deer feeding, alligator spotting.


Slave Labor for Full Time Students.  Part-Time students' fees waived (but they may have to wash a dish or two.)


  1. Sounds like a rigorous curriculum. If we could find free time I would be happy to donate free admin. and PE consultation. I could finally get some use out of my book 100 Games to Play with Alligators and Live to Tell About It.

  2. I like your curriculum design and your salary (free)! You're hired!


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