Sunday, August 14, 2011

Welcome to Turner Field!

Go Braves!
Home of the Atlanta Braves!  Remember the tickets I picked up on Wednesday's Zoo field trip?  Well, they were for today's 1:30pm game with the Braves versus the Chicago Cubs.  Great game...the Braves were winning through most, but our bullpen blew it and the Cubs won.  Luckily, we love baseball... especially at Turner Field so we enjoyed the game anyway.  The day iced the cake of our last weekend in Metro Atlanta.

Emma's finished painting at Tooner Field.
We started out in Tooner Field with the kids.  Sponsored by Cartoon Network, Tooner Field's playground within a baseball stadium rocks!  Wyatt must have thrown 100 balls at the grim reaper from The Grim Adventures of Mandy and Billy batting cage.  Emma painted on the coloring wall and climbed in the big tree house while Greg and Anabel hung out in Foster's Home for Imaginary Friends.  The kids would live in there if they could.
Wyatt hits the Grim Reaper.

The game was starting so we didn't make it over to Scout's Alley and the Braves Museum, but last year Wyatt and I had a special one-on-one day at touring the entire Turner Field, museum and locker rooms on a Braves day off.  I highly recommend all baseball fans take the Turner Field tour.  What an excellent Field Trip for a family of sports fans!
Wyatt and I in the Braves dugout 2010

A little male bonding.
Emma enjoying the game.
In the August heat of a day game, we were lucky to have covered seats in the Golden Moon Pavilion section which also allowed us to go inside for air conditioned seats and concession stands.  After the fourth, the girls and I retreated indoors to cool off and by the fifth inning I took all three kids up to check out the view from Sky Field.  Wyatt ran the bases and we all ran through the misters.  We also took a moment to enjoy our last view of the City.  Greg, of course, didn't miss a moment of the game.  He is the only one I know that is always excited about extra innings.  He calls it "Free Baseball!"

See you next year, Atlanta!  Go Braves!

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