Sunday, August 7, 2011

Miracles Happen...If You Believe!

When we started talking about our plan last year and asking ourselves, "How can we do this?  How can we afford to take a year off?"  I said naively, "We could rent our house.  Furnished, of course.  There must be some business people that will only be in town temporarily or a family relocating, but doesn't know where they want to buy yet.  Our house would be perfect for them."  We really had no idea how we would finance our adventure other than using all of our savings, but we made the decision to do this and then proceeded as if it was going to happen.


(Note: Home is not as crooked as it looks.)
Last Monday, we listed our home for lease with an agent.  We continued to clean.  On Wednesday, she brought the lockbox to put out, but I couldn't find an extra key.  We kept cleaning.  On Thursday afternoon, she called to ask if another agent could look at the house for their clients.  We cleaned like madmen!  By Friday morning, we had a contract, a deposit check and the first month's rent.  Miracle's happen if you believe and then act like it.

The wonderful people leasing our fully furnished home for the next eleven months are from Finland (Yes, FINLAND!) and in the country on business.  They are the exact people I imagined eight months ago over Christmas break when Greg and I finally slowed down long enough to discuss our plan.

Miracles happen and we are thankful.  (We haven't contacted the Catholic Church for official confirmation, but we believe.)

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