Tuesday, August 16, 2011

Purge is the Word...

We have accomplished an almost Herculean Feat: We have cleaned out ALL closets, cabinets, drawers (including the junk ones), garage, and basement (no scratch that. Reverse it.) in nine days.  I just thought I was tired last week.  How naive I was!

After the game on Sunday, we came home in complete denial and just went to bed.  Yes, it was only 7 o'clock.  After only 10 hours of sleep, I awoke at 5 AM, turned on the Kerug, and got busy in our closet.  I had already packed the clothes for Fripp.  I bought the terrific under the bed bins for the kids' clothes and just used our suitcases for ours.  The rest of the stuff in the closet drawers went into garbage bags: white for "Good"will and black for the "b"asement.  I have tried to use this move as a time to purge all our stuff.  It would have been easier to just dump it all in a bag and drag it to the basement to deal with later, but I never do things the easy way.  (Yes, I was laughing as I wrote that!) Monday continued as such.

Our Closet Before...

Cut to Tuesday.  Now I am dumping everything in a bag and having Greg and the kids drag it to basement as fast as possible.  The rental walk through is at 6 pm and we will never be finished!

Take it from me, clean out now!  Don't wait till it is too late like me!  Did I really think this was a good idea... ever?
Our Closet After.

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