Wednesday, August 31, 2011

Harry Potter and the Order of the Phoenix Book Report by Anabel

Much Better than the Movie!
*Spoiler Alert!! Do not read this report if you haven't read the fifth Harry Potter novel!

The book opened with Harry Potter home from school and waiting for Voldemort to start his bad doings now that he was back.  Harry was at Privet Drive with Dudley when dementors attacked him. He almost got expelled from Hogwarts because he used the patronus charm outside of school. Then he got taken to Sirius Black’s house [which is called Grimmauld Place] by Mad eye Moody and other aurors where the Order of the Phoenix was meeting. The Order was the people who were planning to stop Lord Voldemort.

When he went to Hogwarts, they got another new defense against the dark arts teacher. Professor Umbridge was very rude. When Harry talked back to her he got detention. In detention, Umbridge made him write “I must not tell lies” on the paper with a special quill that used Harry’s own blood as ink at the same time the words were carved into the back of his hand. When she became the high inquisitor, she changed rules, fired teachers, and got students in trouble.  Harry made a secret group to learn defense against the dark arts called “Dumbledore’s Army”

Harry started having dreams of what Voldemort was doing and saw that Ron’s dad attacked by a snake, and in real life it happened. Harry had to start taking oculmency lessons with Snape. When Snape had left the room Harry saw one of Snape’s memories. In his memory, Snape was being bullied by Harry’s dad! Snape came in and caught him and said that he was going to stop teaching him.

One night, Harry had a dream that Lord Voldemort was torturing Sirius. So he went to Umbridge’s office to check through the fire if Sirius was at home. When he saw he wasn’t, he got scared. Before he could get out of the fire, Professed Umbridge pulled him out. Hermione tricked Professor Umbridge into taking them into the forest. Some centaurs came and carried her away.

Ron, Ginny, Luna, and Neville met up with Harry and Hermione and they went to the ministry of magic. When they got there, there were death eaters and they where trying to get this prophesy thing. They tried to run away but some of them got hurt. Then the Order showed up to help them and Sirius was with them. Voldemort had tricked him. Dumbledore showed up to fight Voldemort. They won, but Sirius was killed by his evil cousin, Beatrix Lestrange. Then, the Minister of Magic came in and saw Voldemort. Then, everyone believed Harry. Harry was very sad and mad. At the end of the book when they got off the train to return home for the summer, Mad -Eye and the rest of the Order told the Dursleys to be nice to Harry.  He had a very hard year... again.

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