Monday, August 8, 2011

The Show Must Go On...

School, that is!  Even though we have to clean out our entire home, we thought it best to keep going with our school routine.  I have made folders and list of assignments for the kids to begin each morning with most of the activities being self-explainatory.  I am working with the Montessori method of teaching and trying to give the kids as much freedom as possible.  Being one on one is terrific, but I don't want them to expect me to spoon feed them every lesson.  Plus I have work to do: packing up all our stuff!

When we agreed to rent the house furnished it did not include all our personal belongings (Darn it.)  Does anyone realize what that means?  I didn't until I started actually trying to do it!  I didn't think we were hoarders, but I have officially submitted our application to appear on the show (our faces pixelated of course!)

I have only eight days left to clean out every closet, every cabinet, every drawer, every basket, etc.  "Kids, put the school work away and come help Mommy!"

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